Wednesday, December 7, 2011

He Holds in His Hands…

A friend of mine used to say that the remote control was “The Power of the Universe.”  It was a little bit serious and a little bit of a joke, but it stuck with me.  When I saw these photos of my nephew, I remembered that phrase, and knew it was the title for this page. 

I started with a template from Crafter’s Workshop, and created the background by dabbing gesso on top of the background.  I love how gesso stands out on a dark background.  This template, in this context, made me thing of something digital, or pixels… It probably doesn’t look the same to you, but that’s the beauty of it, right?  HeHolds_AlyssaMcGrew

The papers here are from the Times and Seasons Collection from Echo Park.  I really find this to be a refreshing and fun color palette, especially for boys!



A mix of various alphabets really gave the whole thing a bit of extra pizazz, don’t you think?  And now you can be really impressed that I used the word “pizazz” in a sentence.  Smile

Thanks for popping by!


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