Monday, February 9, 2009

A few Monday Tidbits

Just a few little bits and pieces for you today. First, my friend and fellow Scrap N' Art Designer Heidi Kelley had this on her blog, and I want to pass it on to my readers:

An amazing scrapbook store a few minutes away from me has asked for our help girls. Please read below. I am hoping that I can get some of my scrappy friends, near and far, to donate supplies. If you would like to check out the site, it is All YOU need to do is gather the supplies you are no longer in need of, and ship them to me. I will take care of the rest.

If you are interested in helping, please send me an email at and I will get you my address right away. Thanks for considering this ladies. I heart you all.

Footprints Girls Home in Need of Donations

A few years ago we began donating supplies to Footprints, a group home for girls who have been abused. The girls stay full time at the home to heal and recover. During their stay they they are required to work on a scrapbook daily as part of their healing process. They are allowed to scrapbook on their own and are also given projects to promote the healing process. We have recieved a call that their once overflowing room is now diminished. If you have any supplies that you would like to donate, new or used, please drop them off at the store. Thanks!!

I am sending a box to Heidi this week, please consider doing so also! This is a great cause to be supporting.

Also, if you are digi scrapper, and you haven't already, head over to for a fabulous freebie vintage kit from Angel Pruitt. It is a fab kid full of goodies.

And one last tidbit for Monday:



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