Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vintage Lace Flowers

(This tutorial originally appeared on the Couture Cardstock blog).
Remember last week when I referred to a new flower tutorial I was working on? Well, here it is!
flower tut final
First, assemble your supplies:
White cardstock
Glimmer Mist
Lace (12″)
Flower centers, gems, or pearls
Heat tool
Paintbrush or rub-on tool
Super-High Tack Tape, Fabri-tac or similar adhesive
Scallop ruler or 1″ circle template
2″ flower templete or die-cut
Ready? Ok, here we go. This should only take about 15 minutes and is tested to withstand clingy two-year olds. :)
1. Use your scallop ruler and flower template to trace a 12″ strip and flower. Other options include die-cutting or free-handing these shapes.
flower tut_pic12. Cut them out (or die cut). Here is what you should have:
flower_tut pic 2(The flower can vary a little, but should average 2 inches.)
3. Fold the scalloped strip with diagonal fold so that it starts to curve into a flower. You should have one fold between each scallop.
flower_tut pic 3
4. Attach the ends using the tape or your favorite high-tack adhesive. Trim as needed to complete the final scallop.
flower tut_pic 4
5. Choose your desired mist color(s) and spray your bottom flower throughly. It should be fairly wet. It is optional to spray the back, depending on the look you want for your petals.
6. Using the end of a paint brush, rub-on tool or any other narrow instrument, curl up the edges of your flower petals.
flower_tut pic 5
7. Using your heat tool, dry your flower. This will both “set” the pleating and the curl, and stiffen your flower.
flower_tut pic 6
8. Repeat the misting and curling steps with your smaller flower.
9. Before drying your smaller flower, pinch the center a little to add texture and dimension. Then dry and set with your heat tool.
flower_tut pic 7
10. Place some high-tack tape or Fabri-tac on the back of your smaller flower. Then apply your lace, gently pleating it to conform to the circular shape.
flower tut pic 9
11. Using more high-tack tape or your favorite adhesive, attach the smaller flower to the larger one.
12. Add flower center or embellish as desired.
flower tut pic 10
flower tut final
Well, there you have it! What do you think?

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Kelly said...

I love those flowers! Cant wait to see them in my scrap goodies aftet I win! :)