Monday, May 17, 2010

I hate it when...

I hate it when...

  • I have created lots of stuff and have to wait to share it!
  • I take the time to plan a 2 week menu and lose it
  • It's rainy for several days in a row and the kids get antsy and restless
I love it when...

  • The kids get to play outside and I can hear their giggles while I am working.
  • The sun is shining!
  • We cook dinner on the grill.
  • My workout is DONE for the day!
  • I get all caught up and have lots of layouts to share!
All of that to say... more projects coming soon! We had a garage sale this weekend. It was a success, although I would have preferred to sell much more! Here are a few pics from the sale:


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Deb said...

Absolutely adorable!