Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hi again! I've been keeping busy with MOPS stuff, cleaning, and of course summer fun!

Here's what the kids have been up to!

As you can see, lots of summer fun!

I've gotten a few scrappy things done too:

Nichole joins us tonight for her last 4 weeks of summer. She is headed to Illinois tomorrow to spend a few weeks with Aunt Judy and Grandpa and Grandma, and then she will spend two more weeks catching up with us. We have a few fun things planned for those weeks, and she has some friends eager to see her, too! As we "speak," Milena is literally jumping up and down asking when Cole will be here. :)
Don worked with VBS this week, and so he was gone every night. VBS went well, but we are looking forward to a quieter week coming up.
Thansk for reading!

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