Friday, June 1, 2012

Careful Exploration

One of the traits I love to see in my kids is the art of observation.  I love it when they take the time to slow down, and watch something, to take it apart, to observe it long enough to see how it works, what it’s made of, and what they can use it for.  That’s what was happening in these photos.  My son, on his 5th birthday, opened his present (a frog habitat) and spent quite a while just exploring every angle of it.

I used Want2Scrap products here, and this was the first time I have covered a shape with acrylic paint without starting with a layer of gesso.  I love how it took the color!  it’s didn’t sink in and darken like with other chipboards.  The color sent on smoothly, and stayed smooth while it dried.  Even the nice crisp edges of this chipboard weren’t altered by the paint!  Love.


I added in some Mixed Media tags that I created with a variety of templates and mediums.  I like the artsy detail they add!


careful CU1


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Want2Scrap™ Chipboard Stars

Want2Scrap™ Nestaboard Sprightly Sprockets

Want2Scrap™ ATC in Canvas

Manila Tags

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