Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leaving Impressions

I have really been trying to stretch myself recently, to create with a challenge, or a specific idea in mind.  Making myself try new things is really how I notice my art changing, growing, and my style evolving.  I shared a layout a few days ago where I chose to use all neutrals.  This layout, I decided to use black and brown together in the same layout.  It used to be a hard-and-fast rule: NEVER wear black and brown together.  I remember my mother telling me that many times when I’d try to wear a black belt with brown shoes. 

That doesn’t seem to be the rule as much anymore.  As I write this, I am wearing a brown shirt with a black design on it.  So I decided to break this age-old rule and put the two colors together.  When I got started, I realized the BasicGrey helped my along by breaking the rule too (and in one of my favorite BG collections, no less!).  I used a lot of “Origins” to put this page together, with a few embellishments from other companies.


impressioncu2 impressionscu1

I have tried to use that Echo Park car sticker about 12 times, but it finally worked on a page.  Since the photos are of the construction of our garage, it seemed to fit.  Yay!

Have a creative weekend! 



Rachael said...

This is a cute layout. I feel you on trying to push yourself to come up with something new. I'm currently trying to try new things with my greeting cards and I really feel that you get a sense of what works for your own style and what you like vs. the types of things that do and don't as well. Nicely done and keep it up!

Beatemor said...

It is so fun to challenge oneself to try new and different things. Love your layout!