Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I told you I was crazy…

Last week I posted this on my Facebook page:

Alyssa McGrew

Attempting one of those 1002-questionable-will-I-be-able-to pull-it-off-layouts. If I can pull it off, it will be awesome!

Like · · 07 October at 16:59

So, here’s the story.  I had a dream, one of those half-asleep crazy ideas that comes every now and then and makes me want to try something new and off the wall.  In this case, the idea was to document my family’s candy preferences on a candy-store-display type of layout.  Sounds simple, right?

I took the family to the gas station and let them chose a candy item… you can see the confusion on the kids faces, as this so rarely happens.



After they had make their choices, I took the wrappers off myself so they’d be in one piece, then scanned everyone’s wrappers,  I edited them in Photoshop to make them the right size.


Then I built this layout, using lots of Hambly products (love those jars!) and some other items from my scrap drawer. 



One thing I would change?  Work with the scans of the wrappers to make them more saturated.  But over all, I’m pretty pleased and think it’s a darn cool layout.

What do you think?  Do you take those crazy ideas and actually make them happen?  How do they usually turn out?  I’d love to hear!  Smile  Thanks for coming by,



Tessa Buys said...

My crazy ideas rarely turn out :(. This is awesome! Way to go!

CarrieAnne said...

This is very clever. My "Amazing" ideas normally turn into "what was I thinking" moments :) The pictures of the kids are fantastic!

Erica said...