Monday, April 26, 2010

My Wheel Experience...

... Never happened. After reading a lot more about the audition process and how it works, I decided not to go. Here's why: the auditions are attended by thousands of people and only about 3 dozen of those get a chance to go on stage and play a puzzle. Of those that are randomly selected to play a puzzle, only about half of those get invited to a second audition, and only a few of get on the show.

Now, I know that you will never make it if you don't audition, and even after I found out that my changes were about 1 in 10,000, I still debated for most of the week about going. In the end, a family day at home won out. Maybe I will give it a shot in a few years when the wheelmobile comes this way again, but for this year... I am afraid that spending the day driving and waiting just wasn't quite appealing enough!

Since I was home on Saturday, I had the chance to create this layout for The Color Room (palette #3). Most of this was out of my scrap drawer, with a sheet of Couture Cardstock for the base. The story is about my son, who even at 2-1/2, wants to know how everything works. The photos are of the kids coloring Easter eggs, and of course he wanted the explanation as to how the dye worked!

Thanks for coming by!


LG said...

that is so beautiful!!!!

Nicole Nowosad said...

super pretty page!!!