Friday, January 30, 2009

CHA updates!

I just got back from CHA this morning at 1 am. I would have been home two hours earlier but I had to dig out of the 3 feet of snow the snowplow piled behind my car at the ariport. Grrrr...

Anyway, CHA was AWESOME! So many fun new lines and products. The Paris Hilton line is VERY childish. It is very first grade bubble gum. You can see Paris' appearance at CHA and more of her lines here:

My favorite product was a Fancy Pants multi-media album with Acrylic pages, chipboard pages, transparency pages, and felt pages. They were about 8x8 and in different shapes. SOOOO cool! The rest of the FP stuff is not as cool in person as it appears online.

Some other highlights: Pebbles, Inc. is now just Pebbles. They have done a fantastic job reinventing themselves- I was VERY impressed. Their new lines are awesome. I got to meet one of the designers and he told me all about the lines. It was very cool.

Love the Prima stuff, but they were so rude and stuck up in their booth I am going to have a tough time buying lots of their stuff. There were just plain snotty a few times.

The new Chatterbox is GORGEOUS in person. Their flocking is really soft and touchable.

And of course, THICKERS. They are so cool, some of the new fonts totally rock. You all will love them.

K & Co has a new line called Serafina that is to die for! It is all pretty and floral but in a really cool unique way with a very fun color palette.

I met Tim Holtz, Teresa Collins, and Greta Hammond. I also met one of the Pebbles and K & Co designers. I saw Jane Seymore, and Mark Montano from HGTV, but didn't meet them personally.

Someone asked about Basic Grey... I wasn't overly impressed. In my opinion, their new lines are ok, but not anything unique.

The 7 Gypsies booth was awesome. If you like vintage, you are going to be all about them this season. They also have this really cool automatic hole puncher thing. Kinda like an electric stapler for holes.

Ok, ask anything you want, I was super busy working for Scrap N' Art, and I was in nearly every booth, so tell me what you want to know and I will do my best. Leave a comment, and I'll try to answer questions on Monday's post. I will also be posting my giveaway winner and CHA pics on Monday. :)

And just in case you are in a scrappy mood after hearing about all the new goodies, head over to YMBD for their crop this weekend! You can check it out here:

Have a great weekend!



Josh and Liz said...

Hi Alyssa. Loved reading about your experience at the CHA. That video with Paris Hilton looks like things were crazy with all the cameras and reporters. It wasn't like that all the time, was it? Also, are you allowed to purchase anything there or is it all for show?

Heidi Kelley said...

Yay! I loved experiencing CHA with you my friend! I look forward to our new friendship, and know that we are going to move mountains with the SNA team. :) Love ya.

salme said...

What a great experience!