Thursday, March 31, 2011

Introducing... My Newest Love.

**Long post, giveaway at the bottom!** :)

I have been waiting for what seems like a very long time to tell you about something that I have been working on, and today's the day!
Many of you know about my current site, Stash to Treasure. Well, Stash to Treasure was a good start, but I wanted to create something even better, something more fun, with more classes, and more options. I'd like to introduce you to Miss Art:
Miss Art's Papercrafting School is my new site, and it will launch on May 1st! During the month of April, the Miss Art's Staff and some of our fabulous teachers will be taking you on a Blog Celebration tour, and giving away LOTS of stuff... subscriptions, prize packs, and more! We will also be bringing you sample classes, video sneak peeks, and all sort of other info about Miss Art's Papercrafting School (including the names of a few upcoming teachers!).
When you are blog hopping, keep your eyes peeled for this blinkie:
If you see it, you'll know that you've found one of our upcoming teachers! Hint: you might find one HERE or HERE or even HERE. (hint: next week I'll be adding even more names to this list!)
Here's a little description of Miss Arts Papercrafting School:
Have you ever wished there was a school which only taught your favorite classes, that had the best teachers and where tuition was so affordable it left you plenty to buy the most stylish school supplies? Miss Art's Papercrafting School is a virtual academy for every student who wants to learn the latest techniques from the paper crafting industry's leading experts and it is opening its doors for the first time in 30 days.

Subscriptions to our monthly classes start at $5.00 and include live online chats and personal email responses from your favorite designers. Consisting of 2 - 12 videos with unlimited monthly access each class is the perfect blend of individualized crafting and supportive learning.  You may purchase our reasonable kits to compliment your course or pull items from your own stash using our detailed supply lists.  

To countdown to our grand opening select teachers and staff will be participating in a month long blog celebration. Be sure to check back each Friday as I will be sharing information about Miss Art’s classes with you.

Here are the stops on our Blog Tour:

Monday: Bethany Kartchner
Bethany is the current teacher at Stash to Treasure, and her class (and your subscription if you are already an STT subscriber) will transfer to Miss Arts, so you'll be able to continue viewing her class after Miss Art's opens!)

Tuesday: Heidi Kelley
Heidi is our Program Director and is also one of our talented teachers. One of her classes is available at Stash to Treasure and will continue to be available at Miss Arts.

Wednesday:  CarrieAnne Deloach
CarrieAnne is the Miss Art's Marketing Director.  She is a fantastic addition to the team, and we are thrilled to have her on board.

Thursday: Stacy Cohen
Stacy will be teaching a class in May at Miss Art's. It's called "The Secret Garden" and is a gorgeous layout class. Keep your eye on her blog every Thursday in April for sneaks!
Friday: Come back to my blog for more fun!

Ok, now here's the best part of this post:
Each week day (Monday-Friday) in the month of April we will be giving away one free monthly all access Extra Credit (we'll be explaining what that means soon!) subscription to a lucky winner who leaves a comment on the staff member of the day’s post and posts our count down blinkie in their sidebar! The winner will have access to Bethany Kartchner's class NOW at Stash to Treasure, and ALL 6 of the classes coming to Miss Art's in May!
Here's the code for the countdown. (Please make sure you copy it all, and email me at if you need help installing it.)

Add the countdown clock to your blog, then leave me a comment and you'll be entered to win! I will announce the winner on Monday morning. :)
Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with Miss Art’s as we count down to the best first day of school ever! I'll be back next Friday with lots more info. Visit Bethany on Monday for more about her class and Miss Art's Papercrafting School! This is the class she is teaching- it's amazing, and it's starting today HERE!
P.S. Please come join us on Facebook for a more info about Miss Art's Papercrafting School and a chance to win this:


Deb Long said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see the new site, and I posted the counter:

Melissa W. said...

Yay! How exciting. I'm assuming that if you already have a stash to treasure subscription, this will carry over?

I added the countdown to my blog as well.

Alyssa said...

Yes, Melissa, everything will carry over, even the last 2 classes! :)

Jackie said...

How exciting! Cannot wait for the classes!

Amanda Jones said...

Yay! So excited for this!

Ruth said...

you're blikie is officially added! I am excited!

KarenS said...

I added a link :)

Lynette said...

I am looking forward to seeing everything. I added the counter.

Heidi said...

Wow! This is so exciting! I can't wait to dive into Bethany's class today. (Totally forgot yesterday was April 1!!! LOL) The countdown is added to my blog:

Whispers and Wishes said...

So excited about this... posted your calendar

creatingme said...

How exciting. I can't wait to see what this all entails! Blinkie added. I am looking for some more advanced technique classes. Will there be any in the future?

Alyssa said...

Yes, there will be! Our 201 level classes offer some very advance techniques, and they are huge- 10-12 videos each with additional written text and tutorials. We have a great line up of teachers planned, including... some names I can't mention just yet. :) But soon!

Ann said...

Blinkie added.
Great to see something new and exciting online.

Terry Kelling said...

I just found your site and would love to join. I just added your countdown to my blog. I'm so excited to have found you!

molly said...

OhMyGosh!! awesome giveaway!! this was awesome timing for me...added the count down timeer and off to check out Miss Arts FBpage : )