Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Haircut Story

Hello, everyone.  I am Alyssa's cutest nephew.  You can call me "K".  I recently had my first haircut, and my daddy took took such irresistible photos of me that Aunt Alyssa thought (rightly so!) that they needed their own book.  She tells me that she had an old book cover that was missing all the pages, so she built my own pages out of cardstock, patterned paper, and a few sheets from an old hymnal (I thought that was pretty ingenious).

My Aunt Alyssa used the  "On the Record" collection from Echo Park, and it's available in the Your Scrapbook Stash store.  Don't forget the sticker sheets when you order.  They make mini books so quick and easy.  They also added lots of the little words that my dear aunt put in my mouth.  She even claims that this counts as one of her monthly Your Scrapbook Stash DT projects, so she's scoring points with me and with YSS!

The Cover:
Aunt Alyssa added brads to reinforce my book and make sure the pages stay put.
Title page reads "Documented by Mommy and Daddy, and Aunt Alyssa.  You deserve a pat on the back.  I couldn't be happier."  She's right, I'm happy.  :)
"It all started one day while I was just sitting there, being good.  (I know, cause I am always good.  Very good.)."
"Then something happened.  It's all a blur, it happened so fast.  Before I knew it, I was wearing this awesome superhero cape."
"I was worried for a while.  What IS that thing?"
(on the small flap page) "But it didn't hurt."
(Back of the small flap) "Don't Laugh at the superhero!  Ever."
"But take note: sitting still is crucial.  With my superhero skills, I was able to do it perfectly."
Hey, my mom uses one of those!  Maybe she's trying to be a superhero too."
"That thing is super cool.  I LOVE IT.  It looks like something every superhero should have.  For real."
"Thanks a bunch.  This place really is full service. This superhero is now back in full repair!" (they even wipe noses!)
"Really?They comb it for you too?  It's too good to be true.  That takes the cake.  P.S. I think even superheros deserve the whole nine yards."
"Is it time to get down now?  Please?  I just want to say: Let's go home."
"For the Record: These photo shoots are exhausting.  Even for superheros."
Thanks for reading my book.

Baby K


Laurel said...

This is absolutely adorable!

misty said...

Wow! That is awesome alyssa...what a great way to keep that memory and I can just see it being read to him like a nightly bedtime story. Incredible!

Heidi Kelley said...

hehehe, this is adorable.

nightfairyscrapper said...

absolutly stuning work and wonderful blog thanks for sharing angela

Erica said...

I don't know whats cuter - your nephew or the book!

Maria said...

Super cute!! :) Love it!!

Steve said...

As an enthusiastic 'K-follower' I have to say great pics and great job!