Monday, December 13, 2010

Walking Along...

I was in a reflective sort of mood last night, and I created this layout using more beautiful Webster's Pages papers, trims, and letters.

My daughter is 5 now (she was 3 in this photo), and growing so fast.  It's incredible to me how much she changes every single day.

Journaling Reads;
It struck me today, while looking at this photo, that we raise our kids to walk away from us.  We raise them to know how to live their lives without us.  From the moment they are born, they move farther away, little by little.  So many times I wish that I could take them back to the baby days, to bring them closer again, and yet, that’s not how it’s supposed to work.  They are supposed to walk away, and I am supposed to let them.  Looking at this photo reminds me that my time is NOW.  Now is my chance to teach them, to train them, to prepare them to live their lives.  If I miss today, I’ll never get it back…. So I am determined to enjoy every moment and make sure that when the day comes, they are fully prepared to walk away and live their best lives, the lives God has planned for them.  The walking away, the letting go, is the beginning of their story, and I get to help write it.

For me this layout is all about the memories and the feelings I was trying to express, not about the technical elements of it's creation.  Sometimes, art is like that, you know?  It's about what comes out when you put your emotions on the page.   And that's what this is for me.

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CarrieAnne said...

Beautiful layout Alyssa, I can't believe how fast the kids are growing up!!

Mrs Frizz said...

Absolutely stunning layout ...

Like how you have done the bricks/blocks.


Oh so precious! Love the layout! It seems yesterday that the kids were little and the grandkids were little! LOL The youngest granddaughter is 14 now. Take lots of photos before all of those precious years are gone!