Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Make a layout, on a pillow!

Ever thought about quilting paper to make a layout background? Well, I did it, and I am here today to show you how. You will need cardstock, a sewing machine, an iron, a washcloth, lace, and some different adhesives. Oh, and some paper from your paper shredder.

1. Cut squares from your cardstock and lay them out in the pattern you want to use. I cut 4 inch squares, which means my finished layout has 3 inch squares (you lose seam allowances).
2. Sew into strips, always keeping the right sides facing, and gently fold the seams open. Then sew your strips together, again, right sides facing. Some people are concerned about all the corners lining up perfectly. If you are, take time to do that. If not, just put it together and flow with it. Do what you like here.
Notice that the strips already sewn together are right side up, and the strip being added is right side down? That's what is meant by right sides together. You want to have all of your seams on the same side when you are finished.

3. Measure to make sure your "quilt" is large enough. You may have lost more in seam allowance then you thought.
4. Dampen the backside with a wet (not dripping) washcloth.
5. Iron all your seams flat, and open.

6. Draw out your circle. If you have a template big enough, that works well. I found a center point and used a ruler to make marks around the circumference.
7. Cut your circle out.
8. Cut a circle of the same size for the back of your layout. Cover the center with adhesive, leaving a wide edge clean.
9. Add shredded paper (your stuffing, or batting) onto your adhesive. A small handful is enough. Around the edges, adhere the lace you have chose for edging.
10. Using a strong adhesive, glue the two layers together. You will probably have to weight it down around the edges for a while.
11. Embellish as desired.



Leena said...

This technique is AMAZING Alyssa!! The finished layout is stunning! I feel like trying this out when I can find time. Thanks for sharing this! :)

Andrea Amu said...

Really outta the box with this, girl! Soo neat!