Friday, June 25, 2010

A project and a car....

Well, we bought a new car last night! If you had asked me 24 hours ago... I would have had no idea that this was going to happen, especially not so very fast! We listed our Corolla on Craig's List at 2pm. By 6 pm, someone was here looking at it, and it looks like they are going to buy it. If they decide not to (tonight) I have 4 other people in line to come and see it. Wow!

By 7:30, we were in Lafayette, test driving my new car. I love it! It's a gold 2001 Ford Focus Station Wagon. The color is fun and it is fun to drive. With the cash from the sale of the Corolla, we didn't have to take much from our savings to pay cash for this one. Yippee! A nicer car and still no car payment. Gotta love it. :)

Yesterday on the Prima blog, we shared wedding projects. Mine uses a photo of my sister, who got married 3 years ago. Pastiche was perfect, and I used the last full sheet I had (gasp!) to create this layout.

Thanks for coming by. I have a fun layout using some Hambly to share with you tomorrow!

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