Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today I am...

...kid free! YAY! It has been a long time since I had a day at home with no children! In the first hour I got so much cleaning one, and the second hour has been filled with computer work, blogging, editing photos, etc. It is so nice and quiet, I can actually hear the birds chirping! Next up: scrapping!

Just a few photos to share today of my men. I think I need to get my daughter back in front of the camera. I don't have many recent shots of her. Time for a photo shoot! :)

This is Elijah checking out my glimmer mist and masking. This is the early stages of a mini album that will soon be in the Couture Cardstock gallery.
Daddy and Elijah falling asleep on the couch. Would you guess it was only 7:30 pm? LOL
This is the newest thing that my children are doing to drive my crazy. The couch cushions never stay in the same spot for very long. Piling them all up and creating nests is the new favorite thing to do. :)
Thanks for stopping!


Broni said...

These are wonderful photos, Alyssa!

Choices said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like Elijah is going to eat his lunch in his nest. So cute!

Heidi Kelley said...

Cute. :)

byondbzr said...

LOL, the cushion thing drives me absolutely NUTSO! My kids are constantly doing it!