Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Faves!

Time for Friday Faves again! I love doing this, because not only do I get to look at things I love, but because doing this means it is Friday!
1. My first favorite today is the new CD by Francesca Battistelli. You can hear a few of the songs from this CD on my music player here on my blog. I have been listening to them over and over. My favorite is "I'm Letting Go."

2. I love the things that are different. If there is a quirky or odd one in the bunch, that will be the one I am most attracted to. I love being just a little different from everyone else. I love uniqueness!
3. Spring! Enough said.
4. Coffee. I drink it every day, and it still seems like a special treat. I especially love the occasional Starbucks treat!

5. Having a potty trained daughter! If you have been following my blog, you know that this has been a struggle for the last 6 months, but I can finally say, I THINK SHE'S GOT IT! I don't even worry about taking her out in public with big-girl pants on. Whew! SO happy about that!
Have a wonderful weekend!



Tricia said...

these are lovely faves for the day and YIPPEE on potty training!!!!

byondbzr said...

CONGRATS on the potty training! It took my dd forever too!

Colleen said...

Love these little lists! And a HUGE Congrats on the potty training as I know all about it! Trying not to fight with my "little guy" about it, but so want it over with!

Shana said...

yeppers, have to agree that spring and a successfully trained toddler are some of my fav's too.

GinniG said...

I LOVE that song by Francesca too! It's one of my favs! And a big huge CONGRATS on the potty training! Some kids just take a bit longer to "get" it, but now you won't have to feel like you're moving every time you go somewhere. :)