Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer is winding down!

How is it possible that summer is coming to an end already? The kids here start school next week, on the 13th. Wow. So soon...

I haven't had much scrapping time recently. We've been too busy! I do have a few new things to show, though. I'll post pictures later today, if I get the chance.

Quick family update:

Nichole is with us this week for her last week of vacation. she is reading a lot, since she can't seem to put the latest book in the current series down! Last week she helped with picking green beans, and also got to spend a fun day with a few of her friends from church. We are working on planning a fun family activity so we can enjoy our last weekend with her before school starts again.

Milena and Elijah are doing well, nothing too exciting going on.

More soon!


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