Sunday, June 29, 2008

Milena on Stage!

Milena was given the chance to recite Psalm 23 at church today! She did great! she spoke clearly and didn't seem intimidated by all the people watching her! She was ready to do it all over again. I was so proud!

Nichole and Don spent the day together yesterday. They went to a place where they used to go camping and spent most of the afternoon in the creekbed, wading and looking for cool rocks. Then in the evening they went to the Attica Theater to see Wall-E. They had a great day together, which made me glad. It was so nice to see them enjoying each others company and having fun. They both needed that badly.

One more new scrapbook page:

Don and the girls playing in the snow last year.

Don and I get to go out (alone!) for a few hours tonight, and I think we are going shopping. I am hoping to find some awesome scrapbook bargains. Last night, when I told Milena Aunt Faith was coming over to stay with her, she said "But I like dates too, Mommy!" LOL. Smart kid, nice try, but NO WAY! I told her that her presence would make it not a date anymore. LOL.

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