Friday, April 29, 2011

201 Teacher Sneaks!

Today is the very last giveaway for our Miss Art's Papercrafting School blog tour.  While it's sad to see the giveaways end, it's an exciting day, because the fun is just beginning.  Miss Art's will open it's virtual doors on Sunday, and class will be in session for the very first time!

I've been sharing sneak peeks with you throughout the month of our 101 classes, and today I am thrilled to be sharing with you the incredible 201 lineup of teachers that we have coming to Miss Art's to share their talents with you.

In case you're just joining us and learning about Miss Art's for the first time, here's a quick breakdown of what the 101 and 201 designations mean.  101 subscriptions are $10 per month, and include 3 classes.  101 classes are a bit smaller then 201 classes, and cover a wide array of subjects, from how-to's for specific projects to classes about using specific products and tools, to technique classes.  201 subscriptions are $5, and while you only get one class, it's a whopper of a class, from a world-class teacher.  201 classes walk you through 1 or more projects, and you learn EVERYTHING you need to know about EVERY technique that goes into those projects.  These classes are detailed, in depth, and utterly inspiring and they all have a coordinating kit available for purchase!

Ok, on to the teacher lineup:

May: Stacy Cohen
June: Alyssa (me!) and Heidi Kelley (yep, we're co-teaching, it's going to be a crazy ride!)
July: Lydell Quin
August: Julie Winks
September: Jamie Dougherty
October: Another amazing teacher I can't name yet (heehee, just had to throw that in there!)

Are you READY?  I can't wait! To be entered to win the last subscription up for grabs, leave me a comment and tell me which level you are most interested in- 101 or 201.  If you win, you'll get both levels FREE for the month of May!

See you Sunday at Miss Art's!
P.S. There will be 2 chances to win on the Miss Art's blog on Sunday!  (Check out the School News tab!)


mrich2500 said...

Actually I'm interested in ALL the could you make me choose just choice ;)

Alyssa said...

Well, you can always be an extra credit student and get both. :)

nezuchan said...

201. I've gotten the basics down, but I could really use some help with mastering more advanced techniques. Can't wait for the new site to open!

Deb Long said...

Hmm, just based on my crazy schedule, I'll probably do 201 most months, but I'm hoping summer slows down a little at work and I can try 101!