Monday, October 4, 2010

In my world...

In my world, right now...

  • The sun is shining!
  • There is frost on the ground.  Boo.
  • My two business ventures (Stash to Treasure and Your Scrap Cash) are both doing well!
  • My husband is home sick from work.
  • My coffee is fresh and wonderful.
  • Prima papers and flowers are all over my desk.
  • I am excited about some freelance design work I am going to be doing!
  • I have a few completed projects... that I can't show you.
  • My dark chocolate stash is almost gone.
  • I am fixing BBQ Chicken pizza tonight.  Anyone want to come over?
In your world, I hope that the sun is shining, you have good coffee, and that you get some wonderful time to be creative today.

Thanks for coming by!


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Cathy said...

Gorgeous card... love the hand cutting!!