Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know it's been a few days...

Sorry I haven't had an update in a few days. I haven't had time to do much scrapping the last few days. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get a few more challenges done.

A family update:

We are doing well. We are enjoying the late Indian summer and taking walks adn playing on the swingset. Milena can swing for 30 minutes at a time without stopping- she loves her swing!

ELIJAH IS WALKING!!!!!! He took off in the last few days. He's still pretty unsteady, but her walked most of the way across the room last night to Don, and we officially declared him a walker. I now have two toddlers, although Milena is about to outgrow that designation! Less then 2 years until she starts school. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? LOL. Well, thanks for stopping by!


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