Thursday, May 15, 2008

Has it really been a month???

Yikes! A month since I have updated this! How did that happen?? Well, lots has happened, that's for sure.

Nichole moved to her moms house in April. We weren't happy about it, but we did feel it was the best decision for the good of our family as a whole. She is now enrolled in Clinton Central School and is nearly finished with the school year there.

Elijah turns 1 next week. I'll try to remember to post some recent pics. He is getting big, and is now mobile, so he's keeping me busier then ever. Most recently, he's developed a fondness for pulling the video tapes off the shelf.

Milena is growing as always. She is super excited about Aunt Cindy's wedding on Sunday. She can't wait to get into her new dress and hold a bouquet. She talks nonstop and is getting much closer to being potty trained. She would live outside on the swing set and playing int he yard if we let her. Even rain doesn't deter her.

I had a nice Mothers Day. Don and the kids made me a card and took me out to lunch. Don adn I are also continuing the spring cleaning and preparing to overhaul the storage room next week.

We bought a new car this week also. We bought a 2000 Saturn that gets 42-44 mpg! It is going to be a big help with the commuting expenses. So now we have a Buick for sale. We are asking $300, because it has some damage to the front where I hit a deer last week. Give us a call if you know someone who might be interested!