Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well, here is my first attempt at keeping this blog up to date.

First, the family update. Don's niece Eliza Mast and her husband welcomed Brecken William to the family a few weeks ago. Brecken is completely adoreable and we can't wait to meet him. Don's dad is also out of the hospital and improving. He is going back soon for tests to try to discover and fix the source of the health problems he has been having recently. We are also anticipating the wedding of my (Alyssa) sister, Cynthia. She and her fiancee, George Olsen, are marrying on May 18th.

Nichole is in a period of decision making. God is offering grace and she is in the position of choosing whether or not to accept it. Things have been very difficult lately for her and our whole family. She has run away several times and may be facing legal charges soon. The court case is on hold pending a report from the court-ordered counseling, which should be received soon. We expect to be in court in a few weeks, probably before the end of the school year. We are hoping to receive rulings about the opposing petitions for custody at the next hearing.

Milena is 2-1/2 now. She is learning her numbers and letters, colors and shapes very quickly. She is nearly potty trained (finally!) and even does a good job going potty when we are out of the house. Next comes weaning her of the pacifier... but one thing at a time! She talks and sings all of the time. She loves dresses and can't wait for spring to fully come so that Mommy will let her wear them every day.

Elijah is trying to get the motivation to start crawling. Currently, he enjoys the easy life while Milena waits on him hand and foot. He has only to make a noise and she comes running to see what he wants! I think he is capable of crawling, he just needs something to give him a little push to try! He has a tooth now, and is working on several more. He is growing fast, adn has cleared the 20 lb mark recently. As I write this, he is spitting and chewing on his foot while grunting and making loud boy noises. He is all boy in every way!

In my next post I will share a few recent scrapbook pages about the kids and our family. Thanks for reading!